"Rock N' Rolla" Review

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Article Date: November 17, 2008 | Publication: The Statesman | Author: Samantha Burkardt
Publication/Article Link:http://media.www.sbstatesman.com/media/storage/paper955/news/2008/11/17/Entertainment/Shifting.Into.High.Gear-3519546.shtml

"Wild" is the best word to sum up Guy Ritchie's new movie "Rock N' Rolla."

Director and writer Ritchie gives his audience a different and witty look at London's criminal underworld along with how it's divided into groups with the Old School, the New School, the Wild Bunch, and the junkies.

When Lenny Cole (Tom Wilkinson), the leader of most of London's underworld, makes a shady deal with Russian mobster through bribes and violence, the following events do not unfold in Lenny's favor. Mr. One Two (Gerard Butler), with the help of his two best mates, Mumbles (Idris Elba) and Handsome Bob (Tom Hardy), want a slice of their own share, when the sexy accountant of the Russians, Stella (Thandie Newton), leaks information that several million pounds in cash will be transferred to Lenny through the streets.

There are many twists and turns to the story that will have you craving more. Millions of pounds go missing, a painting is stolen, two Russian thugs are craving revenge (who also have a very high tolerance for pain), a famous rock star mysteriously dies, traitors are discovered within groups, killer crayfish, a night club brawl, a carjacking, a fight in a sporting goods store - it's all there.

The movie is smart when it needs to be and is outlandish in so many ways, never mind being laugh-out-loud funny. Not only is the movie violent and crude, but the soundtrack is killer as well.

I recommend this movie to anyone who is a Guy Ritchie fan and for those who don't know his movies well, be prepared to get hooked. With its fast paced scenes and clever fight sequences, this movie is appealing to any action movie enthusiast and for those who are looking for a good time. Plus ladies, Gerard Butler is pretty easy on the eyes. His character will make you smile, especially in what could possibly be the worst dance scene to ever take place on the big screen.

It will make you laugh throughout, without a doubt. The one thing he shares with the other characters in this movie is that everyone wants to be a Rock N' Rolla. Some people just want either drugs, sex or money… but a Rock N' Rolla wants it all.