Gerard Butler To Pursue Jennifer Aniston For Untitled Prison RomCom (Blog)

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Article Date: December 9, 2008 | Publication: MTV Movies Blog | Author: Elisabeth Rappe
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This movie deal comes with some major tabloid baggage. If you’re a follower of celebrity gossip, you know that everyone was certain that Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler were an item. It turns out those “business lunches” were just that — business. According to Variety, they’re in negotiations to star in an untitled romantic comedy for Columbia Pictures.

Andy Tennant, man of a thousand romantic comedies, is attached to direct the prison caper. Butler will play a bounty hunter who’s hired to retrieve his ex-wife, played by Aniston, who has skipped bail. The prison angle explains the rumors that Aniston wanted Butler for the women’s prison drama “Goree Girls,” which makes you wonder how many prison movies Aniston might be in talks for.

And what kind of bounty hunter will Butler be? Will he sport a blond mullet like Duane “Dog” Chapman? A cape/poncho like Boba Fett and Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name? Some crop tops and eyeliner like Domino Harvey? Some tattoos, at least? It better be super macho, because I’m a little crushed that the King of Sparta, a true RocknRolla, is determined to be the new romantic comedy guy. At least this one might have a little bit of dirt to it — bounty hunters and bail-skippers are hardly the stuff of hearts and flowers.

It’s your turn, MTV readers — do you think this romantic comedy has a bit of edgy potential? Do you buy Aniston as a woman on the run? Is Butler the romantic lead of your dreams? Is it weird that they both can be linked to Angelina Jolie? Let’s get the comments started, shall we?