Celebs flock to Washington to attend pre-inaugural balls

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Article Date: January 20, 2009 | Publication: MNet | Author: Editors
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Celebrities are ruling the red carpet in Washington, but there's only one true star in the city - incoming U.S. President Barack Obama. At a pre-inaugural celebration stars including Val Kilmer, David Arquette and boxing promoter Don King - are gushing about Obama and how much influence the President-elect is having on their lives.

Sultry singer Shakira says that Obama has given hope not just to Americans, but to people in her native Columbia and around the world. "I believe that his triumph is the triumph of all the minorities who live in the U.S., not only the African Americans but also the Asian community, the Jewish community, the Latino community. I think that his
victory is sending a very strong message to all the kids around the world who now think that anything is possible and that they can become anything they want with perseverance and hard work."

Val Kilmer agrees with Shakira, and says that Obama has had a significant influence on his personal life - one that could be career
changing. Kilmer told Reuters, "Well I was making jokes because actors have a long line of success in politics, so I was making fun of Reagan because he was a very good politician but not such a good actor and so people in my state took it seriously and they've asked me to run for governor. So I've been looking at ways to just be more public with things I've been private about and
just being supportive. He's really inspired me to be more responsible."

Asked if he was seriously contemplating a shift to politics, Kilmer said, "I have a great love for it, so it might happen."
Kilmer isn't the only one influenced by Obama's work within his own community."

Actor David Arquette, says he's started volunteering at a soup kitchen in Venice, California twice a week. "It feels like there's a conscious shift in people's approach in the world and I want to be part of that and I want to support them and my
fellow Americans."

Gerard Butler wanted so much to be part of the celebration of change, he flew to Washington at the last minute to attend the party and soak in some of the excitement. Butler says he's scheduled to start working on a new film on Tuesday (January 20), which is inauguration day, but he couldn't miss the once in a lifetime opportunity.

"It feels like he's kind of inspiring to everybody. And there's just something special going on and I want to be part of it."

Reverend Jesse Jackson says that what Obama is bringing to the White House, is a "renewal of faith," which he says is "infectious,
it's in the air and with that attitude people in fact can change."

But talk wasn't limited to the new President - the 44th First Lady has some celebrity admirers too - and not for her clothing choices. "I don't really care what she wears. I just hope she continues to
be one tough chick, ya know, that's what she is. I think she's pretty kick ass. So you know, I don't care what she wears, she could wear a brown paper sac for all I care, just as long as she keeps being as feisty, as intelligent and as she is already."

Stars went into the Newseum to party longside ticket holders to the event, who were treated to performances by Sheryl Crowe, Will.I.Am and Sting.