Shenigans: The Top 10 Best Inaug Party Moments (Blog)

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Article Date: January 21, 2009 | Publication: Politico | Author: Anne Schroeder Mullins/Amie Parnes
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The Big Day has come and gone. The celebrities have left on their private jets for warmer climates and movie pastures. And D.C.'s coolness factor is back to being non-existent.

But for one moment more, we can relive what once was and go over the Top 10 Inaugural Party Moments. Are you ready? Here goes……….

10. Hearing Ben Affleck – the beau of all the 1,000 events he attended – use his big boy words in interviews: "Keynesian economics," " hagiography," "demagoging."

9. Staffers' favorites moments: One tells us she loved: "being 'this' close to the following extremely hot men: Gerard Butler, Hunter Biden and Ben Affleck. And, because I am obsessed with 'the Wire,' talking to Marlo." While another Inaug event goer tells us her most memorable moment was seeing Sister Sledge energetically perform, "We Are Family."

8. One of the great things about having the A-listers in town was seeing them interact with their families up close and not just in US Weekly. On Monday, David Arquette took a call from wife Courtney Cox. “Hi sweetheart!” he said, answering the phone. And at the RIAA event Tuesdaynight, Arquette proudly carried his cuuuuute daughter Coco around.

7. Seeing Larry David, George Lucas, David Geffen, Ron Howard, Diane von Furstenberg, Mike Mills all in the same room upstairs in a Georgetown house at Maureen Dowd's private party while getting "star struck" themselves with D.C. boldfaces.

6. As Maroon 5 played at the Declare Yourself event, some party-goers were more consumed with someone sitting on a small stage on the opposite end of the room. It was Lindsay Lohan, who played on her blackberry and took pictures of her girlfriend Samantha Ronson, who was DJing the event.

5. Hearing Sting perform "Englishman in New York," "Every Breath You Take" and his Inaug theme: "Brand New Day," at the Arianna Huffington party Monday night. When performed "Where Is The Love" most of the 1000+ people inside the Newseum - every celebrity and laymen alike – started dancing. And on Tuesday night at the Creative Coalition Ball Sting played "Brand New Day" song and declared: "I wrote it for the millennium but was about eight f---ing years too late."

4. Cher and Brandon Routh came all the way to D.C. for the big moment but both admitted that they watched history play out on their Hotel TV screens. Still, Cher told Shenan, “I had to be here. Just for the feeling of it.”

3. You've heard of name dropping. This is book dropping. Overhearing a TV star feign knowledge and declare, before waking into the most A-List party: "Gosh, I just wish I was home reading 'Team of Rivals.'"

2. At Declare Yourself -- Jamie Foxx was shooting the breeze with some peeps in his entourage on the red carpet when he posed a challenge: I’ll give anyone 100 bucks if you can tell me who sang the original version of the song “Shout.” Nicholas Ballasy, a video reporter with CNS News, called out the answer, “The Isley Brothers.”
“How’d you know that?” Foxx said, looking completely surprised. Ballasy shrugged and said he’s a fan. Foxx basically winked at Ballasy and said he’d have to go hit an ATM to pay up on the bet. Then, realizing that would never happen, Foxx asked someone in his entourage if they had 100 smackers to give “to my man over there.” One of his handlers—big guy, huge (!)—handed Foxx a Benjamin and Foxx ran over and gave it to Ballasy.
Ooohs and big applause from the red carpet press corps.

1. Being kicked out a Creative Coalition lunch by Susan Sarandon because we dared ask "What'd you think of Obama's speech?"
--Anne Schroeder Mullins and Amie Parnes