Movie on DVD: Guy Ritchie shows he's all right, jack, in 'Rocknrolla'

Category: RocknRolla Reviews | Posted by: stagewomanjen
Article Date: January 25, 2009 | Publication: Orlando Sentinel | Author: Roger Moore
Publication/Article Link:,0,193326.story

Aside from his children, Guy Ritchie may look back on his time with Madonna as lost years. He barely worked, and those rare movies weren't all that.

Rocknrolla is Ritchie's return to his bread and butter -- the slangy, violently funny world of British gangsters. Though it takes awhile for him to remember how to be Guy Ritchie again, he finds the knack and juggles as many storylines and characters as he did in his Snatch heyday.

Gerard Butler and Idris Elba are in Dutch to a gang boss (Tom Wilkinson) who wants help from a Russian whose accountant ( Thandie Newton) is stealing him blind. There's a rocker who has faked his death, a valuable painting and beatings, shootings, torturings and soliloquies in that inimitable Ritchie style.

Welcome back, Guy.