Phantom of the Opera in Rehearsals

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Article Date: August 11, 2003 | Publication: Variety | Author: Matt Wolf
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Six weeks of rehearsals have begun with co-stars Emmy Rossum (Christine) and Patrick Wilson (Raoul), while the Phantom --- Scottish actor Gerard Butler ("Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life") --- finishes shooting in Brazil on "The Game of Their Lives," a soccer drama starring Wes Bentley.

The 17-week filming sked is due to finish Jan. 23, with a final delivery date in the books for June 30.

If the film's principals want to play compare-and-contrast, they can always check out the ongoing West End "Phantom": On Aug. 12, the original stage production at Her Majesty's Theater celebrates its 7,000th perf.