Sci Fi Actioner ‘Game’ based upon emerging technology

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Article Date: February 16, 2009 | Publication: SciFi Scoop | Author: Editors
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Mark Neveldine is about to release Crank 2: High Voltage, but are you aware he also has a very promising sci-fi actioner on the way titled Game?

Game stars Gerard Butler (of 300 fame) who plays Kable, a death row inmate who has become the champion of an online game called ‘Slayers’. The story takes place in a future where mind-control technology has become the norm and the game ‘Slayers’ provides humans the ability to control other humans on a mass scale. To those that run the game ‘Slayers’, Kable is nothing more than a human bot - a simulation. But to those who resist oppression, he is the key to overthrowing a high-tech system of societal slavery.

Game also stars Milo Ventimiglia, best known for his role as Peter Petrelli in NBC’s Heroes, as well as Michael C. Hall of the popular serial killer series, Dexter.

Although the tag line of ‘In the near future, you don’t live to play, you’ll play to live‘ might sound a bit chronic, Game may very well be more than just a brainless action movie. According to Mark Neveldine, who also co-wrote the story, the movie is a cerebral actioner. Gerard Butler has also been quoted as saying, “It’s layered.”

Perhaps Game is even more than simply cerebral - it may even serve as an eye opener or wake up call for many. Whlist Game is first and foremost a sci-fi fiction story, what is most definitely interesting - and scary - about the core of the story is that it is material built upon research of actual real-life technology that is under development. In fact, not only under development, but also being developed with the intention of being used in the real world. Fish and RFID chips anyone?

“It’s a guy who needs to get back to his wife and his daughter, and he needs to fight the system. It’s a movie about control, about how we’re controlled, and more and more every day. I mean, this is happening. We really tend to do a lot of research, and have a lot of truth involved in our scripts,” said Neveldine, “and this is another situation where we studied and we’re reading about nanotechnology and we’re learning that we’ll soon all have IPs, just like computers. This is true, this is happening. The cameras are out, Big Brother is getting bigger. And we were a little scared about where this is going, and just wanted to make an ass-kicking film [about it].”

So get ready for a sci fi movie with a strong enough grounding in the modern world that it may both entertain and scare your socks off.

Fear of the future factor aside, with a star like Gerard Butler in the prime seat and with Neveldine co-directing (with fellow Crank famer Brian Taylor), and knowing that there is a lot of thought behind this movie, Game is looking promising indeed.

Game will be released in theatres September 4 2009.