Movie Rumor: Gerard Butler getting into The Game (Blog)

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Article Date: March 19, 2009 | Publication: Hollywood Hunger | Author: cmaher
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In September 2009 we’ll see Gerard Butler in the role of Kable in movie theaters. Kable is the hero of a Lionsgate Sci-Fi movie called ‘Game’.

The game is in a world where humans play a massive multi-player game where people control other people. Tired of always being on the run, Kable seeks out to kill the developer and controller of the game.

The 2009 move release of ‘Game’ will also star actress Alison Lohman who will play opposite Gerard Butler in the new movie and most likely his love interest. John Leguizamo has the role of Freek and is probably one of lead characters buddies.

So whom is Gerard Butler going after in the movie? The villain of the new movie release is none other than Michael C Howell. It seems that Michael C. Howell is taking a break from television production and getting back into movies.

So far the new movie storyline for ‘The Game’ seems like it doesn’t have any game at all. Since it is a Sci-Fi movie, I’m sure that we will see a lot of carnage and special effects. Of course there will be a lot of eye candy for men and women alike in the new movie. Sometimes, a movie where all you have to do is look at the action scenes is cool with me.