Scots actor mystery ended with phone call

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Article Date: August 6, 2003 | Publication: The Mirror | Author: The Mirror
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SCOTS Hollywood actor Gerard Butler has told how a shock phone call ended 15 years of speculation over the disappearance of his dad.

Gerard, who stars in the new Lara Croft film, hadn't heard from his dad since his parents split when he was a boy.

But a shock call from his father asking him to visit him in Toronto, Canada, saw he and Gerard, then 19, re-united.

His dad died in 1992.

Gerard was born in 1969, youngest of three, but while he was a boy his dad disappeared after the family emigrated to Canada.

Gerard, 34, said: "When I was five months old we went to Montreal as my dad was sent there by his employers.

"Suddenly one day we moved back to Paisley and I didn't see him for 15 years until he phoned.

"I then spent four summers with him."