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Article Date: April 1, 2009 | Publication: Ain't It Cool | Author: Quint
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Quint at ShoWest! MiB III? And footage from YEAR ONE, ANGELS & DEMONS, PELHAM, JULIE & JULIA and THE UGLY TRUTH!


- THE UGLY TRUTH… This was probably the surprise of the footage for me. The DISTRICT 9 stuff was as good as I was hoping it would be and I think the highlight of the day, but in terms of genuine surprise… going from no expectations to thinking a movie is going to turn out really good, I think THE UGLY TRUTH was the winner.

It’s a romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler as two local TV news personalities… he’s the gruff, rude, frank and flirty type and she’s the introverted beauty. It seems to be a Cyrano/Roxanne type tale, where Butler offers his talents in the male/female dynamic as a guide to help her land a hunky surgeon she has her eye on. I’d be shocked if the movie didn’t end with Heigl and Butler realizing they love each other, but the trip to that moment looks really funny.

Two scenes in particular stood out for me. One takes place during a baseball game as Butler is feeding Heigl advice through an earpiece as she’s out on a date with the surgeon. Butler tells her to order a hot dog and slowly slide it into her mouth. She realizes what she’s doing and abruptly stops, knocking the contents of her soda into her date’s lap. She furiously scrubs his lap, apologizing and not noticing the uncomfortable, but pleased look on his face.

The baseball “Kiss Cam” angles in on them and, of course, it looks like she’s giving him a massive, vigorous handjob. All the players stop and look on, the crowd looks on and Butler lets it continue on for a bit before telling her to look up. She does and realizes what it looks like and looks horrified.

Okay, that was kind of funny. Then the scene that really stole it for me. Someone (probably Butler) sends Heigl a pair of “vibrating panties.” She looks confused as she opens it up and after some internal debate tries them on. Just as she gets them in position, there’s a knock at the door. It’s her boss, their dinner meeting is on and they have to leave right that minute. She barely has time to hide the remote in her purse before running out.

Of course, at the dinner she has to give some kind of update on a presentation and before she does that her purse gets kicked over and a kid picks up the remote for her vibrating panties. He shakes it around, trying to figure the device out and of course on go the vibrating panties.

Heigl realizes what’s going on, but is called to give her pitch before she can excuse herself and ends up having to hide her pleasure, which goes up in stages as the kid at the far table finds a knob that turns it from enjoyment to ecstasy. Heigl sells it, the best orgasm at a restaurant scene since WHEN HARRY MET SALLY… not that there have been a ton to choose from, mind you, but the comparison is inevitable.

What really makes the scene work though is Butler’s reactions. The surprise, confusion and then realization as he spots the kid with the remote. The way he just grins and sits back to enjoy the show, even going so far as to block her tries to shrug off the presentation to him just so he can watch her squirm (literally) is great. Butler has a great sense of comedic timing and really makes me think this might go beyond just a cute rom-com.