The Ugly Truth -- New Trailer (Blog)

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Article Date: April 10, 2009 | Publication: Filmstalker | Author: Louise McGregor
Publication/Article Link:Filmstalker

A new trailer is out for The Ugly Truth, the romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. With Butler trying to help Heigl with her love life.

Not a pairing you might have put together right away, but they actually look like they work together pretty well.

The Ugly Truth stars Katherine Heigl as a morning TV producer who ends up working with an off the wall presenter, played by Gerard Butler. He promises to help her win over a surgeon she has her eye on, and thinks he will prove his theories on men and women while he does it.

Romantic comedies are far from my favourite genre, but these two actually seem to have some decent chemistry between them. You can see the trailer below from First through Trailer Addict. What do you think?

View the trailer Here.