Summer Movie Season 2009 for Dummies (Like Me) (Blog)

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Article Date: April 30, 2009 | Publication: Cinematical | Author: Scott Weinberg
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Every website, magazine, and newspaper in the known universe has done a Summer Movie Season preview. And so here's ours. Direct, basic, packed with nerdy goodness. Enjoy.

July 1 -- The kids get Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and the grown-ups get Christian Bale and Johnny Depp in Michael Mann's Public Enemies. Seems fair.
10 -- Wow, two comedies in one day! Sacha Baron Cohen looks to shock a few more squares with Bruno, while Chris Columbus delivers his adaptation of the fine, funny novel I Love You, Beth Cooper.
15 -- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Period.
24 -- The summer's busiest weekend presents G-Force, which is about guinea pigs; Orphan, which is about a killer kid; The Ugly Truth, which stars the equally lovely Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler; and All Good Things, which is a Weinsteins thriller, so expect a release date switch any day now.
31 -- Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler make with the jokes in Judd Apatow's Funny People, and They Came from Upstairs, which is about a bunch of kids who have to save the world from alien invaders. Also, a fantastic documentary called The Cove.


Our pals over at Moviefone have put together all sorts of amusing summertime packages. There's the 35 Reasons We're Psyched for Summer article, a Pre-season Poll for you to click at, and a piece on the 25 Biggest Summer Openings, just to keep things in perspective when Wolverine doesn't do Iron Man money.

But if you act right now you'll also get this handy-dandy summer flick calendar, complete with May, June, July, and the limited edition special edition of August! If that's too chronological for your needs, then check out the Summer Cinema genre-style! Action mayhem, chick flicks, family fare, funny stuff, scary stories and indie sleepers. Why is there no drama category? Because drama hibernates in summer like Yogi Bear hibernates in winter.

And please, as you're enjoying the lovely spectacles of the summertime cinematic season, we ask you to view reposnsibly. No fighting, no guns, no talking, no texting, no sex. Unless the theater's totally empty.