Gerard Butler Knows Why They Have Chickens at Bachelor Parties

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Article Date: June 5, 2009 | Publication: New York Magazine | Author: Bennett Marcus
Publication/Article Link:New York Magazine

The plot of the movie The Hangover—in which three men wake up in a trashed Vegas hotel room with no idea why an infant is in a closet, Mike Tyson’s tiger is in the bathroom, a chicken is roaming around, and their about-to-be married friend has gone missing—may sound a bit over-the-top to most of us, but it’s routine for Gerard Butler. “I’ve got to tell you, it was kind of crazy, but a lot of the stuff that happened in that movie I’ve been through myself,” the 300 star told us after the Cinema Society screening last night. “That sounds like a huge exaggeration, but it’s really not.”

Butler says he’s never been to a bachelor party that was not bacchanalian, and women are in denial about what goes on at them. “They just don’t want to face it,” he says. “But if they were honest with themselves, they’d go, ‘Oh, you know what? They were fucking chickens.’” Um, what? “That’s why the chicken was in the movie, by the way,” Butler explained. “They couldn’t go that far, but I have no doubt they were fucking chickens.” Really? “Yeah. I think so,” he said, and reflected for a moment. “My career just went down the tubes, eh?”