Scrutiny on the Bounty

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Article Date: June 11, 2009 | Publication: redbank ORBit | Author: editors
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Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston give the celebrity press a summer excursion down the Shore, as they invade Monmouth County for their new screen project BOUNTY HUNTER, co-starring Rumson’s own Siobhan Fallon Hogan.

Stop the presses! Sweetheart, get me rewrite! Tell old Jonah at the city desk it’s a SCOOP, and if that gashouse palooka doesn’t get on the horn, he’ll be polishin’ my Pulitzer in the morning!

Sorry, we keep forgetting we’re not at “the paper.” It’s just that when we get hold of a story before anyone else, it’s hard not to talk like something out of a 1930s double feature.

Jennifer Aniston will be shooting a film in Monmouth County this summer.

The news comes courtesy of Rumson resident Siobhan Fallon Hogan, the TV/movie comic character actress (Elaine’s annoying roommate on Seinfeld! The bus driver in Forrest Gump! The farmer’s wife in Men in Black!) who you met recently here in oRBit when she hosted the annual Count Basie Awards honoring the best in local high school stage productions.

Hogan has been hard at work on a little show of her own in recent weeks — a self-penned, one-woman tour de force called The Salty Sea PTA, a “satirical look at PTA life” that “showcases Hogan as a variety of different characters from parents to coaches to school psychiatrist.” We interviewed her earlier this week, and we’ll be posting a feature story on Salty Sea in the days to come — but for now the word is that the two performances scheduled for July 18 and 19 at the Two River Theater have been shifted to the weekend evenings of June 20 and 21, at 8pm and 7pm respectively. The shows are pretty close to selling out as we type this, so don’t think twice and reserve tix ($45) by calling the Two River box office at (732)345-1400.

That’s certainly news enough, but the story behind the story — the reason Hogan had to clear her agenda for those two days — concerns her landing a supporting role in a picture called Bounty Hunter, a little project that pairs Aniston with Gerard Butler.

As with all things Aniston and many things Butler, the production has been the subject of a lot of blog blather in recent months; much of it centered around its being a potential “answer” to Brangelina’s comic thriller Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It’s being directed by Andy Tennant (who worked with Hogan in Fools Rush In), and word has it that the bulk of the shoot will take place at locations around New York and New Jersey.

As Hogan, who’ll be playing a bail bondswoman, confirmed to Red Bank oRBit, portions of that shoot will occur here in the actress’s figurative back yard — at Monmouth Park, and possibly at some other bits of Shore scenery (there’s also an Atlantic City shoot slated in).

So to review: Jennifer, Gerard, Jersey Shore. Working right here in our neck of the weeds — and, to the best of our ability to Google the info, we’ve got the story for you before anyone else.

Watch this space for more on The Salty Sea PTA and Bounty Hunter as we ease on into summer — and Continue Reading for more schedule shake-ups on events at Two River Theater.