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Article Date: June 18, 2009 | Publication: WOMAN DESIRE | Author: Staff
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A Columbia pictures romantic comedy the Ugly Truth directed by Robert Luketic, who has a penchant for making comedy flick as earlier were( Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon,”21”,Monster in Law, and A Date with Tad Hamilton). The film has versatile actors like Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler as the main protagonist, portraying as Abby and Mike respectively.

Katherine stars as a romantically obsessed, lovelorn television producer who is beyond picky when it comes to potential mates, she feels offended whatever a males do, putting her in a dilemma for her date, Abby is successful TV producer and despite her arduous attempt (both mental and physical)she remains frustratingly and hopelessly single. As a morning show producer she gets a astonishing jolt of the life when her employer teams her with Mike(Gerard) a hardcore TV personality who has his own theories as what makes men and women tick .Mike on the other has an different attitude, a bit of practical and positive thinking. He promises to help her win over a surgeon she has her eyes on, and thinks he will prove his theories on men and women is almost accurate. His naughty plans have sometimes yielded unexpected results.

Battle of sexes heats up in this movie when after so many heartbreaks to her surprise, Abby strikes a deal with an confident and opinionated Mike, if she follows his advices for certain seductive moves to entrap that sexy surgeon, and if the plan does not give the expected results as Abby had thought, then Mike will quit his job as a off the wall presenter. Either it’s a win position for Abby either she will get the man of her dream or get the hell out of this futile nightmare. Several raunchy humor, twist and romantic turns are the highlights of the movie. Perfection erupts anytime anywhere when you least expected it.

Director brings us a romantic humorous battle of sexes, no matter whether you are from Mars or Venus, you will find it hard to find perfection in your date, and one has to compromise oneself from within. Both the lead actors have a flawless and effortless chemistry between them. A delightful humorous movie – The Ugly Truth.

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