Jennifer Aniston: “Bounty Hunter” Undies Flasher (Blog)

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Article Date: June 22, 2009 | Publication: Jewelry Blogstore | Author: Staff
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While she tried her best to keep covered up on the set of “Bounty Hunter,” Jennifer Aniston fell victim to swarming paparazzi in Atlantic City on Monday afternoon (June 22). As the shutterbugs snapped up shots of the actress displaying her undies, Jen quickly pulled her little dress down while grabbing a curbside seat next to one of her co-stars. While the movie has been shooting for a little while now, this happens to be Miss Aniston’s first appearance on the set. Talking about the new film, an insider tells Life & Style: “Jen and Gerard (Butler) play a divorced couple named Cass and Milo. They’re together in almost every scene, bantering and belittling each other as the elaborate action caper unfolds.”