Mimi Michaels talks ‘Gamer’ with Blast

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Article Date: June 26, 2009 | Publication: Blast Magazine | Author: Jess d'Arbonne
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This is the first in a two-part interview with Mimi Michaels. Check back in next week for the last part of the interview, where we talk about Mimi’s new show “Meteor: Path to Destruction” which comes to NBC in July.

In the future, video games have evolved: Only the best can be gamers, and they control the movements of Death Row prisoners in a real life battle. If the gamer wins, the prisoner gets his freedom. If he loses… game over.

And in the middle of this gaming dystopia is actress Mimi Michaels, playing the champion gamer’s biggest fan. Blast got to chat with the actress about her new movie, which comes to the silver screen in September.

BLAST: “Gamer” is a futuristic thriller about real people used as video game characters. What can you tell us about the movie?
MIMI MICHAELS: It’s a future world where humans are in control of other humans who are on Death Row. They play them, and it’s really cool. I just recently saw a trailer for it and it looks amazing, and Gerard Butler is phenomenal in it. I think people are really going to love this movie. My character is a big fan of one of the best players, who is this kid who plays Butler’s character. I’m a very quirky, silly girl. She’s supposed to be stoned. I’m known as “Cute Stoned Girl.” She’s just out in the ether and says some silly things to this kid.

BLAST: You mentioned Gerard Butler. Did you have any scenes with him?
MIMI MICHAELS: Not in this one, but I worked with him on another film, “The Ugly Truth,” and I got to work with him on that one, so it was nice that I finally got to have a scene with him.

BLAST: Was he a nice guy?
MIMI MICHAELS: Oh, he’s a class act. He was so sweet. In the scene we did, there were a lot of extras, and it is always nice to see when one of these big, A-list actors is so kind to everyone. He talks to everyone, so thoughtful and warm, and it’s just nice to see him so down-to-earth like that.

BLAST: Do you think real video gamers will enjoy the movie?
MIMI MICHAELS: Oh I do. It’s just a really cool concept that we’re playing people — they have microchips in them, I think that’s how it’s done. I think that for people who are into video games, this will be a great movie to see.

BLAST: Are you a gamer?
MIMI MICHAELS: I think I am now! Actually, yesterday I played Wii.

BLAST: What did you play?
MIMI MICHAELS: I was at this charity event and there were a bunch of kids playing Wii, so I said, I’m just going to play with them! So we played bowling and tennis, and I was just terrible. The kids were just beating me left and right, but at least I tried!

BLAST: Trying counts! So, besides video games, what do you do with your free time?
MIMI MICHAELS: I like to bike around LA a lot, as much as I can. Actually as soon as we’re done here I’m going to go for a hike with a girlfriend of mine. I like reading, but on my off time I go back to school and take classes at USC. I love learning new things and taking classes.

BLAST: Are you on Twitter?
MIMI MICHAELS: I’m not. I’m not on Twitter, not on Facebook. I still haven’t succumbed to any of those. I know if I signed up for it I would just be on my computer all the time.

BLAST: It’s addictive. We’re almost out of time. I can’t wait to see “Gamer.” But one last question: What’s next for you?
MIMI MICHAELS: I’ve worked on a couple of web series, one which is called “House of Heather.” I’m really looking forward to this one. It’s a parody of “The Hills.” It pokes fun at that show, and it’s really funny and cute and I think they’re going to be possibly looking for a place for it on television. So look out for that because it’s really cute.

Check out “Gamer” in theaters on September 4th.