Check Out Some Red-Banded Fun From 'The Ugly Truth' (Blog)

Category: The Ugly Truth News | Posted by: DaisyMay
Article Date: June 27, 2009 | Publication: Cinematical | Author: Elisabeth Rappe
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First off, I should be fair and post a classy publicity still that's fair to Katherine Heigl, but I feel the girls need something to balance out this week's Megan Fox overload. So, here's a solo Gerard Butler. Pretend he's holding that heart out while saying "I could never love Optimus Prime or Megan Fox as much as I love you." (Not that I'm implying Transformers is just for the boys. I'd never do that. If you like, you can reverse it to have him begging for you to love him more than Shia LaBeouf and Optimus.)

If you want to hold onto that lovey-dovey image, you might not want to watch this Red-Band clip from The Ugly Truth. But if you're feeling in the mood for some raunchy, naughty talk from Butler (be sure to listen for a slip of that Scottish accent), then go right ahead and click. In this very NSFW clip, Butler's boorish Mike offers Heigl's highstrung Abby some helpful tips on how to really attract and please a man. Surprise! It's all cosmetic, ranging from short skirts to push up bras, and just what she can do with her ponytail. Could all this R-rated dialogue mean The Ugly Truth is destined to be July's Hangover? Or will the romance drive away the ones looking for raunch?

As I wait for your comments (please come back to post one after you watch the clip) I'm off to go hate on myself because I fail all of The Ugly Truth rules. I live in jeans and a ponytail ... oh, who am I kidding. I've gone beyond Heigl's "comfort and efficiency" into fashion evocative of Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski. Butler will never love me. I might as well die.