Jennifer Aniston films scenes at Daily News for upcoming film ‘The Bounty (Blog)

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Article Date: July 12, 2009 | Publication: Celebrity Mound | Author: Staff
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Jennifer Aniston stepped off an elevator Saturday and became one of the hottest reporters at the Daily News.
Well, kinda …

Aniston - along with a film crew and an enthusiastic cadre of extras - were shooting scenes for the upcoming action comedy “The Bounty.”

The former “Friends” star plays a hard-nosed New York reporter who gets arrested while investigating a story.

Instead of making a scheduled court appearance she doggedly pursues her lead, and her ex-hubby - played by Scotsman Gerard Butler - is the bail bondsman charged with hunting her down.

The petite stunner looked right at home as she strode down the halls, past the framed photos of The News’ Pulitzer Prize-winning writers.

Dressed in a white sleeveless blouse, gray miniskirt and high heels, she ducked into the ladies’ room for a powwow with a colleague before heading into the newsroom.

The movie is directed by Andy Tennant (”Hitch,” “Sweet Home Alabama”) and also stars “Saturday Night Live’s” Jason Sudeikis as a Daily News reporter with a crush on Aniston.

In between takes, Aniston laughed with techs and wardrobe aides and snacked on thinly peeled string cheese.

The extras delighted in the behind-the-scenes peek at the Daily News, and marveled at the framed front pages.

“It’s exciting, seeing everything on the wall. Normally it’s a contrived set,” actress Michelle DiBenedetti said.

Actors were issued laminated Daily News ID cards as props. “I hope they let us keep them,” extra Julie Stone said.
“It’d be a great souvenir.”