Lloyd Webber's daughter cuts a deal

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Article Date: July 31, 2004 | Publication: THE DAILY TELEGRAPH(LONDON) | Author: CELIA WALDEN
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The film industry isn't known for its compassionate relationships, so Spy is delighted to learn of a heartening collaboration between a father and daughter in two of this Christmas's rival releases.

The Merchant of Venice, starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons, was initially set to hit screens at the same time as Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera - starring Gerry Butler and Emmy Rossum.

"Imogen Lloyd Webber, Andrew's very bright daughter [pictured with her father], part of the team at Movision Entertainment, which is producing Merchant of Venice," a film insider tells me.

"But when they realised there might be a clash between their projects, everyone worked together to ensure that neither film would steal the other's thunder. Now they will be released a couple of weeks apart. That way, they both have a chance at the number one slot."

"I haven't personally heard of any discussions," says a spokesman for Lord Lloyd-Webber. "The important thing is there's no clash. They are both very excited about the films."

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