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Article Date: July 23, 2009 | Publication: The Insider | Author: Staff
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Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler prove that opposites attract in their new comedy, 'The Ugly Truth,' in theaters Friday, and Katherine even gave her hunky co-star a little dating advice while they were making the film!

"I would lecture him a little bit about some of his relationships, or girls who were calling him," Katherine tells "The Insider"'s Victoria Recano, "and I just realized it was so falling on deaf ears -- like he really just didn't care."
"She does like to lecture, but for all the right reasons," says Gerard, adding with a laugh, "I think her dating advice was 'Get a life,' something like that."
In the movie, Gerard plays hardcore TV personality Mike Chadway, who pulls no punches -- on air and off -- about the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick. Katherine plays Abby, a high-strung and romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her hopelessly single. Will their immediate friction create sparks? Or is someone going to fall hard?
"I used to think that I was dressing for the men out there in my life," says Katherine, "but I realized that all you need to have is a body and, like, a tight pair of jeans and some really high heels. I mean, that's it."
"Men are very visual," agrees Gerard, adding of the differences between men and women, "By the end of the movie you think that there's also a lot of similarities between us, and those that are still different are only to be celebrated."
Katherine also reveals that she gets nervous and "twitchy" filming love scenes, and her husband Josh is not too fond of seeing her mack onscreen either.
"He hates it," she says. "He does not wanna watch me kiss anybody else on camera. Yeah, he's not a fan."
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