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Article Date: July 24, 2009 | Publication: | Author: Franck Tabouring
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The plot: Abby is a television producer whose life takes a major turn when she's forced to work with Mike, a ruthless host who claims he knows the truth about what makes men and women tick.

Our thoughts: To be quite honest, I walked into Robert Luketic’s “The Ugly Truth” with high expectations, but sadly enough, I left the theater wishing I’d never found out how ugly this truth really is. In other words, watching this film quickly developed into a painfully boring experience I simply can’t recommend to cinemagoers on the lookout for a funny, entertaining romance.

In one of the two lead roles, the beautiful Katerhine Heigl plays strict television producer Abby, who’s struggling with poor ratings on the job and simply can’t understand why she’s still living a solitary private life. You see, Abby is a bit of a control freak who doesn’t know how to date men, and her awkward checklist of qualities she’d like to find in a boyfriend has already scared away more than one chap.

Things are about the change when Abby is forced to work with Mike Chadway, a ruthless TV host who offers viewers what he calls the ugly truth about how men and women tick and what people really want or see in love, lust and relationships in general. Offended by his rude comments and overall cocky attitude, Abby nonetheless accepts Mike’s help in finding her the guy she’s always been looking for…

Can you already guess where all this is heading? If so, you should definitely skip “The Ugly Truth” and take your date to see something a tad less predictable this weekend. Essentially, Heigl and Butler spend most of the film trying to defend their own perspective on what men and women really desire from each other, and believe it or not, most of what they have to say is both incredibly shallow and hardly enlightening.

While Mike goes on and on about why he’s such an expert at knowing what women really want and why so many of them are out desperately looking for the perfect man, Abby is convinced she can prove him wrong. One thing quickly leads to another, however, and before you know it, both Mike and Abby slowly discover they may in fact have more in common than they could’ve ever imagined.

Stuffed with jokes that don’t really fly and plenty of dialogue that tends to drag on instead of generating witty moments, “The Ugly Truth” suffers from a simplistic script failing to create a refreshingly comic and romantic atmosphere. I really tried to keep an interest into all the things Heigl and Butler were talking about here, but the lack of substance in their characters caused me to give up early on.

Of course, Heigl and Butler manage to share a decent onscreen chemistry, but their few attempts to come across as authentic and likeable are constantly undermined by the hogwash they have to utter. Their performances lack heart and soul, and even Heigl’s breathtaking beauty and charm can’t prevent this one from slipping into the dreadful category of ultra-predictable comedy. She lights up the screen for sure, but alas, that’s not enough to save the day.

Freaky quote: "I'm gonna make this guy your bitch." – Gerard Butler

The final word: One quick smile is all “The Ugly Truth” got out of me. The film is far more forgettable than it looks, and in my opinion, it’s a huge waste of opportunity. I really wanted to enjoy this one, but sadly enough, the only thing I ended up liking about this one was the soundtrack. I know that’s a sad thing to say, but that, ladies and gentlemen, is indeed the ugly truth.