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Article Date: July 26, 2009 | Publication: | Author: Marron
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All right, I know. I am a geek, and I love sci-fi, horror, and movies with at least one car chase and/or explosion — but I’m also a geek girl, and I do like to watch romantic comedies every once in a while. Especially when said romantic comedy has more comedy than romance. Welcome to The Ugly Truth, a funny and cute romantic comedy that’s a bit more brash and a little less sweet than most movies of this genre that we’re used to.

Katherine Heigl plays Abby Richter, a very busy TV producer who is having a hard time finding “Mr Right”; the guys she dates can’t deal with her controlling and powerful personality. After a failed date, as she gets ready for bed, she happens upon a cable access show called The Ugly Truth. Gerard Butler’s character, Mike Chadway, bashes on several self-help books, is crude, and downright mean. Men are all about looks and sex, he says; if you want a man, ladies, get on the stair-stepper and get skinny. Offended by this rhetoric, Abby calls in to the show and tells Mike that not all men are like that. She describes a man with class and sophistication and charm, basically her perfect mate; Mike offers to give her $100 to bring this man down to his show, but of course, that man doesn’t really exist.

Ratings are low at the TV station the next morning, and that’s when Abby’s boss reveals that he has hired Mike Chadway to do a small segment a few times a week on the news. It turns out that Abby’s call into Mike’s show is what spurred Abby’s boss to hire Mike; and much to Abby’s chagrin, Mike’s segment is such a success and ratings-bringer that his segment becomes a daily part of the show.

Of course, Abby’s hatred for Mike is only part of the fun; Abby meets her new neighbor, a gorgeous looking man who is an orthopedic surgeon and seemingly fits her “check list” of things she wants in a perfect guy. About to be blown off by said dreamy doctor, Colin (played by Eric Winter), Mike makes a deal with Abby: if she does exactly what he says and gets Colin to like her, they work together on his segment and make it into the fantastic ratings machine they know it can be. If things with Colin won’t work under Mike’s advice, he’ll quit the show. This, of course, entices Abby — who basically hates Mike’s guts and wants him gone — and the deal is made.

In the end, this is a classic romantic comedy and the ending is fairly predictable. The ride along the way, however, is fun in places and has one or two laugh-out-loud moments. One of my favorite parts is Mike’s appearance on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, and how absolutely excited Mike is about this. I actually saw the episode of Late Late Show where Gerard Butler was a guest right before the movie came out, and was very amused by it. There are more great scenes, including wrestling with twin babes in jello and a mishap with vibrating panties, that are definitely worth watching.

Overall, for a romantic comedy, this one’s not too bad. The real ugly truth is that this movie is good for a few chuckles, but it could have been a lot funnier. Then again, isn’t that the problem with most romantic comedies? The Ugly Truth is better than The Proposal, at least. I give it a B.