The truth about 'The Ugly Truth'

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Article Date: July 28, 2009 | Publication: The Battalion Online | Author: Megan Clark
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Film asks questions about the way men and women see relationships.

We have all heard it said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but it may be simpler than that. What if women overanalyze men too much? What if all we need to know is that men are simple creatures legitimately obsessed with the female anatomy and the notches in their bed posts? Could it really be that simple?

Katherine Heigl ("Grey's Anatomy," "27 Dresses") stars as Abby, a local TV producer with a less than successful dating record. An obsessive dater, Abby's high expectations of men cause her to chase them away with her inquisitive nature. While home alone one night, her cat changes the channel to "The Ugly Truth," a TV show about dating hosted by Mike, played by Gerald Butler ("P.S. I love you"). After Mike claims that men aren't interested in love, but rather only sex, Abby calls into the show claiming that there is a man out there not like that- which of course she can't prove. The witty banter held back and forth drives each person to validate what they already believed.

In the morning, Abby is confronted by the fact that her TV station has hired Mike to host a new segment of the show. Through their rivalry, they come to a deal where Mike will attempt to get Abby together with her neighbor by using his own theories. If he loses and Colin, played by Eric Winter of "Harold and Kumar," does not fall for the typical male tricks, then Mike has to quit the station. Their bet causes them both to rethink their stereotypes.

If this movie could be strictly classified as a 'chick-flick,' then I would define it as a predictable plotline with a good cast and some nice moments. However, this movie is not just for women. This movie is completely hilarious. It is a chick-flick as cute as "The Proposal" and as funny as "The Hangover." Completely inappropriate in its humor, the one-liners and dialogue will have your sides splitting and your faces red.

But please do not bring your younger siblings and friends to see this movie, it is rated R for a reason and that reason is language. The dialogue and language is what makes this movie great, but it is also what makes this movie inappropriate for children.

The message of this movie will keep you guessing. While the plotline is predictable, the "theories" of love and relationships make the audience question everything both in the film and in everyday life. Are all men really that shallow? Does my boyfriend really not care about what I have to say? Did I wear the right thing on that date last weekend? Even if the movie doesn't provoke great thoughts and questions in your mind, then it is certain to leave you laughing the rest of the night and joking with your friends.