Weekend Movie News Wrap-Up (Blog)

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Article Date: August 2, 2009 | Publication: ScreenRant | Author: Niall Brown
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Box Office
It looks like the Judd Apatow brand may be losing some power. The Adam Sandler-headlined dramedy, Funny People, grossed just over $22 million this weekend.

With a reported $70 million budget, the film will need strong legs and good international sales to see any sort of profitability. The films serious subject matter (cancer) and long running time (2 ½ hours) are some of the main reasons cited for the lack-lustre opening.

Showing that no concept is too crazy to be popular, G-Force banked about $18 million over the weekend. With $67 million in the bank already, this looks to be producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s eighteenth $100 million grosser.

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince brought in another $17 million this weekend giving the film a magical $254 million total. That’ll buy an awful lot of broomsticks!

The Ugly Truth made another $14 million this weekend giving the Katherine Heigl/Gerard Butler comedy a $55 million total. With a production budget of under $40 million this should be a nice little earner for all involved.