Celebrity Pug Owners (Blog)

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Article Date: September 18, 2009 | Publication: Dog Blog | Author: Staff
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Pugs may have lost some of their popularity with celebrities due to puggle-mania, but there are still quite a few stars who have opted for this breed. I’ve compiled a list with all kinds of famous pug owners. If you know more, feel free to leave a comment!

1. Jessica Alba – Named after the ill-fated punk couple, Jessica Alba’s pug darlings Sid & Nancy are an irresistible duo indeed.

2. Gerard Butler – You’d better not mess with Lolita, or else you’ll experience the wrath of Sparta!
Gerard Butler and co-driver Lolita

3. Tori Spelling – Mimi La Rue used to be the World’s No.1. pug fashion trend-setter. She is sadly missed.

4. Valentino – Speaking of fashion, designer guru Valentino is crazy for pugs. He’s got five of them and they travel with him everywhere.

5. Goran Visnjic – The Croatian star of ER also has a pug buddy named Bugsy. They even posed together for a PETA campaign.

6. Hugh Laurie – Another doctor from the screen and another pug. Does anyone know more more about this cute little fellow? (I mean the pug, of course