Will Gerard Butler and Gabriele Muccino 'Slide'? (Blog)

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Article Date: October 27, 2009 | Publication: Cinematical | Author: Elisabeth Rappe
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The Scottish sensation otherwise known as Gerard Butler was able to add "successful producer" after his Evil Twins' Law Abiding Citizen enjoyed a fair amount of box office success. Not content to rest on his laurels, he's working on getting several projects off the ground and was happy to describe a few of them to Film School Rejects. While the previously announced Teacher Man and A Hanging Tale remain on his plate, Butler was eager to talk about Slide. Let's let him take it away, shall we?

"There's a few different projects that we've been working on, but there's one in particular – it's a movie called Slide about a former baseball player who goes back to try and patch things up with his child and estranged wife and ends up coaching the kid's baseball team," Butler said. "He becomes the subject of fascination and [longing] by every bored housewife in the town. And it's him trying to survive that while trying to patch things up with his kid. I think we're going to have Gabriele Muccino direct the movie. Hopefully. We're in talks with him, and he's very much up for directing it so we'll what happens there."

Butler isn't saying whether he's planning to star or simply act as producer, but the Hottest Guy of the Town angle would suggest that it's being shaped for him to take the lead. Still, one can hope that he remains behind the camera, as Slide
sounds like it veers dangerously close to the rom-com territory he's already spent too much time in. While it's important to remain open-minded (this is obviously in a very early stage, and could strike out altogether), it's not exactly Shakespeare. The world needs more of that, Evil Twins.