Butler's extra-curricular activities

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Article Date: December 4, 2009 | Publication: Variety | Author: ALI JAAFAR
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Thesp expounds views on colleagues, charity and fantasy

On extra-cinematic activities:
"I've been doing some work with a charity called Kids Kicking Cancer, which is an unusual charity. The rabbi (Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg who founded the org) is actually a martial artist and a black belt in karate. It's a very unusual organization -- he won't even have us call it a charity but a cause -- because he believes it's the kids who are helping us more then we're helping them. They are taught with various trainers across the country, and they're taught breathing techniques and focusing techniques and learning martial arts, which allows for a vast reduction in the amount of pain medication they have to use. It gives them a real purpose, and it's had some miraculous results. More than anything, though, it's the purpose that it gives them where they feel like they're achieving something"

On fellow actors:
"When I was younger, what made me want to act was the movie stars I was in love with, whether it was a Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Robert Mitchum or even a David Niven, crazily enough. Sean Connery, of course, topped them all in my book, since I am Scottish.

"These characters, these actors -- just wanting so much to be them and live that life and to live the world that they created. I know this might sound very boring, but my fantasies in life was always to live within another story, another world, another fantasy. When I would watch movies or even television it would hurt so much wanting to be there, doing that and being in that character and in that world."


Scottish actors: Brian Cox, James McAvoy, Robert Carlisle, Ewan McGregor

Writers: John Hodge, Paul Laverty, Andrea Gibb, Alan Sharp

Directors: Kevin Macdonald, David Mackenzie