Gerard Butler To Play Sam Childers? Marc Forster To Direct? (Blog)

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Article Date: December 16, 2009 | Publication: Rama's Screen | Author: Rama
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After Sparta and a string of romantic comedies, plus thrilling guilty pleasure that were Rocknrolla and Law Abiding Citizen, I don’t think we’ve seen Gerard Butler making any effort for an Oscar worthy role. But ohnotheydidn’t heard that Butler might star in a biopic about Sam Childers, a former gang biker who now dedicates his life and resources to rescue children in the war zone of Sudan. He wrote a book titled ANOTHER MAN’S WAR which I think would sound epic as a movie title. Childers gave his life to God in 1992 and went to Sudan, Africa to save children from the violence of LRA. Childers and his wife Lynn founded and operate Angels of East Africa, the Children’s Village Orphanage in Nimule, Sudan, where they currently have more than 300 children in their care…
Not only that, word has it that Marc Forster, the director of Monster’s Ball, The Kite Runner, and Quantum Of Solace might be circling the project and scribe Jason Keller is writing the screenplay. But then again, there’s still no confirmation to all this or about Butler’s involvement, on the other hand, it’s good to anticipate him doing a gig that’s more than just for his looks.
Sam Childer’s life sounds like it deserves a cinematic treatment, he is one of those unlikely noblemen that walk this earth. We could use more inspiring stories like this on the big screen.

Here’s the official synopsis of the book…
The rise of Sam Childers from violent, drug-addicted biker to a man willing to risk everything to rescue the orphans and child soldiers of Sudan

“”All my life, from birth, it’s been a fight. And it always seemed to be “”another man’s war. I always seemed to be fighting for someone else. But it always came back to me. The Word says we’re born into sin, and sin always comes back to war.” -”Sam Childers

Sam Childers has always been a fighter. Born to a violent father and a mother of great faith, his life was a contradiction. With an affinity for drugs and women, the angry young man grew into a drug-dealing biker. But that was then. Nowadays Sam-along with the cadre of Sudanese soldiers he employs-spends his time in the most dangerous parts of Sudan and Uganda rescuing the youngest victims of war, orphans and child-soldiers. His mission is simple: save the children, no matter the cost.


“Another Man’s War is about true terrorism . . . against more than 200,000 children in northern Uganda and Southern Sudan. Sam Childers-a fighter and a preacher (some call him a mercenary)-tirelessly leads a small militia into the jungle, daring to fight against a vicious army outnumbering him one thousand to one. One man can make a huge difference. Sam Childers certainly does.” — “Peter Fonda, actor/filmmaker, best known as star of “Easy Rider

“The Reverend Sam Childers has been a very close friend to the government of South Sudan for many years and is a trusted friend.” — “President Salva Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan”

“The Reverend Sam Childers is a long time devoted friend to our government and his courageous work is supported by us.” — “President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda”

“Sam Childers is one of those rare men [who is] willing to do literally whatever it takes to promote the message of Jesus Christ and save children from the tyranny of evil men.” — “John Rich, lead singer and songwriter, Big & Rich”