Breakout Stars of 2009

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Article Date: December 28, 2009 | Publication: Starpulse | Author: Matt Anaya
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Like any normal year there were breakout stars in entertainment in 2009 and we here at Starpulse tried to compile a comprehensive list of those who broke out.

Although some might have pimples, we do not mean break out in that sense but those who we knew little about last year and know a lot about this year.

There were two actors from the same movie, and we bet you can guess which movie that was, two Taylors (one male and one female), and two actresses from the same television show.

There are new hunks and new babes for both genders to enjoy and it is up to these new stars to keep their star shining next year and beyond.


4. Gerard Butler

2009 was the year of Gerard Butler as he appeared in more starring roles than he has ever before. He starred along Katherine Heigl and Jamie Foxx this year in two of the biggest blockbusters of the year (The Ugly Truth and Law Abiding Citizen) and his star has never been as bright as it is now.

Ladies love his charming good looks and pretty blue eyes and the guys like his rugged manly ass kicking ways. He is a duel threat and is all set to star along Jennifer Aniston in another romantic comedy sure to break the bank next year.