Q & A - Gerard Butler - Phantom's leading man talks singing "naked"...

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Article Date: September 24, 2004 | Publication: Total Film | Author: James White
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Q: It's a new version of a well loved story. Worried?

A: There were certain people that said, "Why? Do you really want to take on that role? That's a bit of a risk - can Phantom be turned into a movie?" But I'd had the benefit of reading the script and seeing just how cinematic this story is.

Q: Were you nervous singing in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber?

A: It's the biggest musical of all time and suddenly I was there, singing one of the most famous songs of all time in front of it's composer. Just with a piano and me singing. So yeah, it was nerve wracking. I felt naked, but I've had worse...

Q: The set looks pretty special...

A: I've now worked on a lot of big budget productions but I've never seen sets like these. It feels epic and fresh and invigorating and moving and powerful.

Q: Has much changed from the stage musical?

A: Oh yeah! On stage during the fight, he fires those little sparks, and it's like "Ohh, you've burned my ear!" Joel had a chance to sit back and say, "Ok, so what doesn't work in the show?" I think that fight, that standoff is one of them. So a sword fight seemed much better placed. A brutal, violent sword fight, filled with hated and passion.