Introduced in Barcelona the Catalunya International Film Festival Sitges 2004

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This wednesday in Barcelona Cinesa Diagonal Cinemas, the XXXVIII Catalunya International Film Festival Sitges 2004 has been introduced. The presentation has counted with Angel Sala, Festival Director, Gabriel Serrano, in charge of Sitges Mayor Town Hall Tourism department and Xavier Marcé, director of Catalonian Culture Industries Institute.

In over an hour the novelties and changes from this year festival have been checked. The most noticeable one is the date change, since the traditional October one has moved to December, exactly from December, the 2th to 11th.

Again, the SCI-FI hits will mix up with alternative movies and with newcomer's work, needless to say about Sitges festival preferences about new film formats.

A film which will be really noticeable is the long-awaited 'The Phantom of the Opera' version, directed this time by Joel Schumacher. This film will be opened on December, the 9th, out of competition, and will count with Joel Schumacher, Andrew Lloyd Webber and stars Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Patrick Wilson and Minnie Driver.

This year SCI-FI comes stronger than ever, as it's been said by Ángel Sala, Festival Director, ' there are several superb film festival in this country. Sitges is mainly a fiction one.'

We remark some of the most awaited films which will be seen during the festival: Code46 (Michael Winterbottom), The Machinist (Brad Anderson), Primer Tomorrow (Shane Carruth), Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Kerry Conran), Old Boy (Park Chan-Wook), The Grudge (Takashi Sminizu), The Birthday (Eugenio Mira), Birth (Jonathan Glazer), Arsène Lupin (Jean-Paul Salomé) and El habitante incierto (Guillem Morales).

It's withouth a question one of the main points at this festival will be the Star Wars Conference, taking place on December, 5th, 6th and 7th. The Star Wars fan will enjoy the official film stuff, autographs (people related with film will come), novelties, merchandising and, of course, a Star Wars marathon showing the 5 saga films, and a Episode III advance. To have an idea about Star Wars importance on this year's festival, just have a look at the official poster in wich Darth Vader is the main character.

This year a tribute will be given to oriental Godzilla saga, which will be 50. As there are several films starred by the famous lizard, one per decade has been chosen- the most important one. This five films will be shown in cronological order, starting with the Japanese Godzilla original version, which has been mended and digitally remastered for this time.

Of course, the Festival will have its sections Orient Express, Anima't, Brigadoon and Seven Chances. All film fans, and above all, SCI-FI one, will have an appointment on Sitges 2004.