Gerard Butler Describes 'The Most Incredible Story' In 'Machine Gun Preacher'

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Article Date: March 25, 2010 | Publication: MTV Movie Blog | Author: Adam Rosenberg
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"Machine Gun Preacher." That's a helluva title, isn't it? It's an upcoming "based on truth" story directed by Marc Forster and starring Gerard Butler. The actor told MTV contributor Ryan Downey all about the planned 2012 release when the two chatted last week at the press junket for "How To Train Your Dragon," which hits theaters tomorrow.

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"It's an incredible story," he said. He's right too-- it's pretty wacky.

"Basically it's the story of-- this guy is still alive, I just spent time with him in Pennsylvania. His name is Sam Childers. He grew up a thug, a very violent guy. He was a drug dealer. And found god, found a new way. Started his own business." So far, so meh, right? I mean, sure... it's a feelgood story. But there are plenty of people who have picked themselves up out of a bad situation and made good for themselves.

"And then ends up down in Sudan, just goes down to stick some roofs on houses down there. He saw some of the most awful atrocities that were happening down there with these guerilla forces that would move in and kidnap the kids, kill the families. So he took it on himself to do something about it. Went back [to the United States], became a preacher in Pennsylvania, raises money and builds an orphanage down there to protect the kids and ends up joining forces with the southern Sudanese People's Liberation [Movement]." Aww... that's sweet. Not "incredible" yet, but very nice, very noble.

"Picks up a machine gun and is fighting the rebels with guns, grenades, machine guns in order to go and rescue some of these kids. He basically became a warrior and lived both-- he's still a preacher back in Pennsylvania and he's still a warrior down in [Sudan.]"

Uhhh... wow. See? It's actually pretty crazy. Sort of like the "Preacher" graphic novel come to life, except without all of the supernatural stuff about the voice of god and the Irish vampire.

Are you familiar with Sam Childers? Are you looking forward to this movie?