Gerard Butler Will Be Washing Dishes for Christmas

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Article Date: November 8, 2010 | Publication: | Author: SHRUTI DHALWALA

He may be an international star, but when it comes to the holidays, Gerard Butler will put his best devoted-son foot forward.

"I'm going home to Scotland for Christmas, and I will be washing the dishes for Christmas, that's for sure," The Bounty Hunter star, 40, told PEOPLE with a laugh at Friday night's Artists for Peace and Justice Fundraiser for Haiti at Manhattan's Millesime.

But Butler, who in the past has been linked to such stars as Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson, had little to say about his romantic life, other than to reveal his true love.

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"New York's my favorite city, I love it here," he said. "I've been having fun here. Even just at this party tonight, I've run into some friends that I've known for years – friends from Australia, from London – who have actually just moved here, and the excitement on their faces when they talk about their New York living experience . . . Nobody loves their city like they do in New York."

At the fundraising event organized by filmmaker Paul Haggis, to generate funds for APJ's efforts in building Haiti's first free secondary school, Butler, who personally aided in the earthquake-relief effort, discussed the importance of being hands-on.

"Interestingly enough, for me, my favorite thing, was loading up the trucks with grain, taking it to the camps and passing out grain to the people," he said. "Sitting in the meetings, it was interesting to be feeling that you were at the heart of some policy making, but the hands on part was incredible. It felt fantastic."