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Article Date: November 14, 2004 | Publication: Chicago Sun Times | Author: Editors
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The invite: Join director Joel Schumacher, who won the almost two decades-long battle to bring the hit romantic musical to the big screen again. This time it stars Gerard Butler as the Phantom, Emmy Rossum as Christine and Patrick Wilson as Raoul in the story of a composer with facial problems who falls hard for a sweet young ingenue.

An affair to remember? Schumacher spared nothing to make the Paris opera house look lush and beguiling, including the use of real gaslights and candles to light the stage. All of this opulence means the music of the night might ignite the box office.

Pre-party gossip: Check out a new Andrew Lloyd Webber song playing over the end credits. And then there is Butler, who did everything possible to learn how to sing. "I started taking singing lessons when I found out about my audition," he says. "After I got the role, I sang everywhere I went. I know I drove some people crazy, including my driver in the morning. Do you know how many times this man heard some of these songs?'"