A Great Review for Gerard!

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Article Date: December 6, 2003 | Publication: Z Review | Author: Dean Kish
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For the better part of 3 years, I have been eargerly anticipating the film version of Michael Crichton's novel "Timeline." Crichton's paperback gem, did for "timetravel"did what "Jurrasic Park did for Paleontologists. It was a smart, slick and clever novel that was in every sense of the word, Crichton. So, what happened?

"Superman" and "Letal Weapon" director, Richard Donner, directs the film adaptation of the Sci-fi noevl. The film finds Chris Johnston (Paul Walker) searching for his missing father, and archeology Professor who was working on a dig in the Dorgdogne Valley, France.

His fathers assistant, Andre Marek and his crew team up with the proffesors son to find out what happened.

There are a lot of things wrong with "Timeline" and that is just the beginning. The script writers have so watered down the plot, that it is hard to understand how some of the events unfold. Then there is the oddly fast-paced speed the film barrels along at. The whole front end of the film is so fast and out of place that we can't hardly follow who is who especially when there are about 12 characters thrown at us in under 20 minutes.

The very few things I like were the performance of Gerard Butler in a leading role. In every project he always brings something heroic to the role. He was the perfect Andre Marek. I also liked the story and the premise but not the way it was presented here.