'Phantom' makes one writer swoon

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Article Date: January 4, 2005 | Publication: Visual Times Delta | Author: Jessica Lozano-Delgado
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Let me caution you: I adore theatrical plays, and I worship musicals even more.

So, of course, when I finished watching the new film version of "Phantom of the Opera," the first thought that came to my head was, "When can I see this again?"

Watching the movie gave me chills. It made me smile. It almost made my friend cry.

I applaud Andrew Lloyd Webber for bringing this classic story of romantic drama to our neighborhood theaters, since many of us can't travel to see the musical live. Emmy Rossum, who plays sweet and innocent Christine in the movie, deserves the Golden Globe nomination she just received.

Rossum carries herself well in the movie, and her beauty compares to that of Audrey Hepburn. The Phantom (Gerard Butler) equally satisfies the audience by acting out his character's madness and insecurity to the fullest so much so that it can scare you at times.

In the movie, the Phantom secretly loves Christine and is outraged when Raoul (Patrick Wilson) falls in love with her. Christine and Raoul are childhood friends, and their friendship grows to a deeper love that is felt by the audience (including all five of my friends in the theater!).

The Phantom acts out in fury, taking Christine as his prisoner. But does he let her live or die?

This movie lasts more than two hours, so be sure you're rested before watching it. And be prepared to spend money on the soundtrack afterward.

Oh, and if you've never been to a play, this movie is a great way to start falling in love with the theater.