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Article Date: January 7, 2005 | Publication: Contact Music | Author: editors
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Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER had such a traumatic time in the make-up chair for his title role in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, the daily face painting sessions left him "psychologically screwed up".

The screen hunk was required to spend a lot of time in the company of make-up artists in order to transform himself into his unattractive character, but the whole process took its toll on his mental wellbeing.

He says, "The hours or prosthetic makeup I had would psychologically screw me up. Gluing my eye was torture. By the time they finished, you're ready to bite somebody's head off."

Butler admits the double-stick tape used on his mask also proved to be torturous.

He adds, "The tape would stick so tightly to my face that I couldn't move. I'd be pulling my skin off and it would bruise.

"(And when I went) down in the Phantom's lair, where it was really hot, the mask wouldn't stay on. I'd be performing and the eye hole would be down on my cheek. It was a comedy routine."