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Article Date: January 24, 2002 | Publication: Reign of Fire Press Kit | Author: Press Kit
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I found the press kit in Hollywood yesterday, and heres the info they had inside, about Gerry. And you know.. legos and boilers, I dont remember reading that before! hehe

The film opens in present-day London, where 12-year-old Quinn, exploring his mother’s construction site, accidentally awakes a centuries-old dragon, who proceeds to destroy everything in sight.
Twenty years later, much of the world has been destroyed by the dragon and its offspring. Quinn is now a fireman – a most important job in a world where everyone watches the sky for flames. Quinn, with his confidant, Creedy, oversees the castle and small group of humans eking out a meager existence. The dragons attack often, and the number of humans is dwindling. “Every time you see a dragon, you know there’s every chance that you’re going to be dead within a couple of seconds,” says Gerard Butler, who plays Creedy.
The final piece of the casting picture fell to Gerard Butler, who plays Creedy, the right-hand man to Quinn.
“Creedy is the one guy who has Quinn’s ear, who can tell Quinn that he’s not seeing things quite correctly. That’s a pivotal relationship, and Gerry Butler plays it in a way that knocks Quinn off his gloomy self. It was brilliant.”
“Gerry was a true find,” says Glickman. “Rob’s instinct was to cast someone who had yet to break out in American movies, and when we met him, we all thought, instantly, ‘This is Creedy.’
“I’m the enforcer at the castle,” Butler says. “If we are going to survive as a group, then discipline has to be enforced, and that’s Creedy’s job. He calls it like he sees it.
“Also, I’ve got all the funny lines,” Butler continues. “I think that Creedy is still shocked to be living in a world overrun by dragons, even twenty years on. In that way, he’s like the audience for the movie – ‘this is ridiculous it’s dragons.’ I get to supply a little comic relief.”

GERARD BUTLER (Dave Creedy) landed in Los Angeles in January 2000 and in the span of one year has created quite a name for himself. He has landed the leading roles in four major features and starred in one of the highest-rated miniseries.
He is currently shooting the Paramount big-budget feature “Timeline.” Based on acclaimed author Michael Crichton’s novel, “Timeline” is a suspenseful time-travel adventure set in 14th century medieval France. He was also recently seen in the ITV miniseries “The Jury,” opposite Sir Derek Jacobi and Anthony Sher.
Born in Glasgow, Scotland, the actor is the youngest of three children. Graduating with a law degree from Glasgow University and the President of the Law Society, he was a week away from completing his internship at a leading Edinburgh law firm when he saw the movie interpretation of the Irvine Welsh novel “Trainspotting,” and he was convinced to exit law to try his hand at acting. Butler moved to London and after a few months working odd jobs such as demonstrating Lego toys at conventions and selling boilers, he had a chance meeting in a London café with actor/director Steven Berkoff, and asked if he could read for his play. He was then cast in “Coriolanus,” and thus began his career. After only his second audition, he landed the lead role as the heroin-addicted Renton in the acclaimed stage adaptation of “Trainspotting,” the play that had inspired him to change careers, which he performed at the Edinburgh Film Festival.
He has starred in a number of British features including Stuart Sugg’s “Fast Food” in 1997, “The Cherry Orchard” in 1998 starring opposite Alan Bates and Charlotte Rampling, and in the London gangster film “Shooters” with Matthew Rhys, Ion Guffudd and Adrian Dunbar in 1999. Butler also starred in “Harrison’s Flowers” opposite Adrian Brody and Andie McDowell, due to be released later in the year throughout Europe. Another feature, “One More Kiss,” directed by Vadim Jeam is scheduled for release in the states in the early part of 2002.
He has also had his share of television roles in the U.K. In 1998, he starred in the ITV production of “Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married,” as well as the Channel 4 telefilm “Young Person’s Guide to Being a Rock Star,” and in the two-part drama “Little White Lies” for the BBC.
On stage, the ruggedly handsome actor has starred in “Suddenly Last Summer,” opposite Rachel Weisz in London’s West End directed by Sean Mathias.
Last year, Butler played the title roles in both the Miramax feature “Dracula 2000” and in USA Network’s epic miniseries “Attila,” directed by Dick Lowry. “Attila” was the highest rated made-for-television miniseries since “Moby Dick.”