Big fan, big party animal and big crush

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Article Date: January 26, 2005 | Publication: Asia1 | Author: CHUA WEI YNG
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The curtains may have come down on the Bangkok International Film Festival and the awards all handed out. But it will be remembered for other moments witnessed by CHUA WEI YNG (, who hands out some alternative awards

BEST FAN (right)

AS he was leaving the Golden Kinnaree Awards, British actor Jeremy Irons was approached by a fan who proudly exclaimed: 'I am your biggest fan! I've seen all your movies!'

Irons took it well even when the fan went on one knee and kissed his hand.

Ever the professional, the 57-year-old allowed the fan to take a photo before being whisked away by his minder.

Irons also gets points for being Mr Nice Guy at a press conference the day before, when he asked for the massive cameras positioned up front to be moved aside so that they would not block reporters.


No day at the festival is complete without a Bai Ling sighting.

The 35-year-old was spotted posing for photographs in the press area of the Shangri-La hotel, lounging at the back of the Joel Schumacher and Wong Kar Wai press conferences and creating a stir on the red carpet, of course.

And no-one will forget the sight of the petite actress at the after-parties, arriving fashionably late (long past midnight) and dancing the night away.

If you don't see Bai Ling, you can be sure that there is a more happening party going on somewhere else.


They are both baby-boomers, but pals Michael Douglas and Joel Schumacher could not be any more different in appearance.

At a press conference, Douglas, 61, who flew in to present Schumacher with the Lifetime Achievement Award, looked every bit the snazzy producer, with his suit and tie while director Schumacher, 66, was in shirt, jeans and slippers.

Douglas recalled: 'We met in the early '70s when I was a struggling actor and he was a struggling costume designer. We used to go to Hollywood parties and we couldn't find our names on any of the tables.'

The two ended up on the table for extras which didn't have any names.

'So we had to speak to each other because we were the only people at the table,' Douglas said, as Schumacher burst out laughing.


Forget Christine. The Phantom Of The Opera star Gerard Butler seemed smitten by local celeb Nadya Hutagalung, who attended the Golden Kinnaree Awards with other artistes from Fly Entertainment.

The Scottish actor came over to the former MTV VJ's table after dinner, and the two were talking intently.

Rumour has it they later met up at one of the after-parties. Sources say Butler found Nadya, who was wearing a sexy black lace dress, 'absolutely beautiful'.


Cinematographer Christopher Doyle lived up to his reputation of being an irreverent party animal.

He was the moderator for a seminar titled Making Love To The Lens, which, among other things, promised to give the inside scoop on shooting sex scenes.

After a lengthy introduction that made no mention of the above, Doyle quipped: 'I thought this was about f***ing the cameramen!'

The 53-year-old later joked: 'I thought the only person who could sleep with the actress was the producer.'

He was talking about making love to the actress - from behind the lens of course - although he did admit to seeing Maggie Cheung in a new, sensuous light.

Doyle said: 'I never knew Maggie had a waist till we shot In The Mood For Love. And this was after I had shot 10 films with her.'