Dozens get their kicks at bash over "The Game of Their Lives"

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Article Date: June 16, 2003 | Publication: Unknown | Author: Deb Peterson
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GAME TIME: If Saturday night's party is any indication, they are having way too much fun on The Hill with the cast and crew of "The Game of Their Lives." The bash squeezed together about 300 people in the very New York-looking, brick-walled international headquarters of Mozaic, a creative consulting and development firm. The best of new and old St. Louis mingled, including: J. Kim Tucci, the Pasta House godfather and chairman of the Missouri Film Commission, in a huddle with Scottish actor Gerard Butler, who plays Frank Borghi in the movie. In one corner was local soccer legend Harry Keough, a member of the 11-member U.S. squad, chatting with his daughter, Colleen Keough Erker, her husband, Joe Erker, and their daughters, Genevieve, 20, and Julia, 17. Colleen, who is an assistant dean of the Washington University law school, has a bit part in the film, as does Joe, an actor, Harry Keough's sisters Norma and Betty Keough, and his wife, Alma Keough. The Erkers' daughters are playing two "pretty girls" in the movie - not much of a stretch.

Meanwhile, Sharon Lee Tucci of Talent Plus (and, for anyone who doesn't know, Kim Tucci's wife), was beaming because Craig Hawksley, whom she represents, had grabbed a principal role as Walter Giesler, a coach with the 1950 soccer team; as did another Talent Plus talent, Thomas C. Simmons, who landed a small part as the owner of the Calcaterra Funeral Home. Mozaic principals Mary Ann Gibson, Ken Reece, Jeff Stein and Bill Irvine offered that they loved their office space, above Modesto's, a tapas bar, and down the street from the venerable Viviano and Son's grocery. Mike Viviano brought some prosciutto up to the party and laughed about having been given a small part in the movie, too.

In from Los Angeles was Ballwin's own Riley Schmidt, 27, (Vianney, class of '94) who plays a member of the Simpkins soccer team in the movie. Carrie Houk of Houk Casting swooned along with the rest at the babe-o-licious Schmidt. Erik Kuster, 25, of St. Louis, (CBC class of '96) who will be the stunt double for soccer player Charlie Colombo, said he had recently returned to town after playing for the Kansas City Comets indoor soccer team. Also on the scene: film director David Anspaugh, writer-producer Angelo Pizzo, associate producer Ginger Perkins and actors Jay Rodan, who plays "Pee Wee" Wallace; Zachery Ty Bryan, who plays Harry Keough; Louis Mandylor, who plays Gino Pariana, and Jimmy Jean-Louis, who plays Joe Gatjeans, a Haitian who scored the winning point.