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Article Date: December 13, 2003 | Publication: Daily Record | Author: Daily Record
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HOLLYWOOD hunk Ewan McGregor has lost out on the chance to play bed-hopping bard Robert Burns in a new film of his life.

Movie producers asked film fans to choose between McGregor, Trainspotting costar Robert Carlyle, Phantom Of The Opera actor Gerard Butler and Enigma hero Dougray Scott.

Film bosses, including Braveheart star James Cosmo, had expected Scotland's number one leading man to win the poll of fans. But brooding Scots heart-throb Gerard Butler romped home in the poll with 80 per cent of the vote.

Last night Cosmo said: "There is a great deal of acting talent in Scotland, and we want to fill as many of the leading roles with local talent as possible."

Director Vadim Jean, who had a hit with Leon the Pig Farmer, will direct the movie which has been beset with legal problems since it
was mooted in 2000.

Voters nominated Valerie Edmond as first choice for Burns' lover Jean Armour.