Celebrate the release of Dear Frankie on DVD with this great prize package

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Dear Frankie is a heart-warming journey of unconditional love and sacrifice, Dear Frankie stars Emily Mortimer (Bright Young Things, Young Adam) and Jack McElhone (Young Adam) which will be released on DVD on May 23rd by Pathé Distribution Ltd.

What's is all about:
Lizzie (Emily Mortimer) a fierce yet fragile young mother is desperate to protect her deaf nine-year-old son Frankie (Jack McElhone) from the reach of Frankie's violent father.

The family have been on the move for as long as Frankie can remember, It's time to move again and Lizzie, Frankie and Nell, Lizzie's mother, find themselves in a small seaside Scottish town where nobody knows them and where they can be safe for a while.

Wanting to protect Frankie from the truth that they have run away from his father, Lizzie has invented a story for Frankie, telling him that his Daddy is away at sea. Frankie writes to his beloved Daddy sending his love and hoping that one-day he will come home.

In turn, Lizzie faces the heartbreaking task of collecting her sons letters from the post office box and replying to them as his make-believe Daddy. She tells of adventures in foreign lands and sends Frankie exotic stamps from the latest port to add to his collection

As Frankie plots the course of his Daddy's ship around the globe, he discovers it is soon to dock in their seaside town – his Daddy is finally coming home! Lizzie faces the agonising decision of telling Frankie the truth.. or of finding the perfect stranger to be Frankie's Daddy for just one day...

Prize Details:
To celebrate the release of BAFTA award nominated British drama Dear Frankie, we're giving away a home entertainment system, a DVD of the film and a Sheaffer Prelude Satin Chrome Straight-line Luxury Fountain pen to one lucky winner, so you can get writing yourselves... plus we've got DVDs of the film and Sheaffer pens for 10 runners up.

Competition closes 17 June 2005 at 06:00 PM

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