CLOSE UP: Gerry Butler, Phantom Is A Naughty Boyish Nice Guy

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Article Date: June 22, 2005 | Publication: Roadshow (Japan) | Author: editors (thanks to Mikiko for the translation)
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GB.Net Note: All interview parts were translated. Regular bio and movie synopsis info was omitted.

DF is like an undiscovered gem to me

Q: When you first read the script, what did you think of it?

It seemed like an undiscovered gem. While we're filming it, Emily Mortimer and I were saying, "'Not many people will see this movie. But it's a crime not to produce such a wonderful love story, regardless of it being popular."

How did you develop the character for your role?

I have the dark melancholic side to me as well aside, and believed that if I mixed those elements, I could play this role. Also, I have a friend who traveled around the world after he lost his love, and I had his personality in mind as a reference. He's intelligent, emotionally rich, and sensitive, but he doesn't show that outside.

What did you think of working with Jack McElhorn?
He's like a little mascot. He's really talented and smart. Like when I was a kid! LOL So I can see through him. When he did naughty things, I had to straighten him out since both the director and the producer are women and they spoiled him. LOL

What naughty things did he do?
He really loves succor and boxing. So he often starts kicking and punching people. When I saw him at the Edinburgh Film Festival, he punched me right in the stomach. Since I haven't seen him in several months, and wasn't expecting this , this really shocked me.

Gerard replays all these with all the gestures, but he always keeps his cigarette in his hands.
I smoke 2 packs a day, and can't quit. I just went to a 4-day training on quitting smoking, but was able to quit only for a day. LOL Let me know if there's a good coach (for quitting) in Japan. Also, I got interested in zen when I saw 'the Last Samurai,' and am wondering if there's a 4-day class on becoming a samurai. A Geisha-girl class might do. LOL

[I]He sighs loudly and muses, "Japanese women are beautiful and sensual." But he doesn't say much when he was asked "Is your current girlfriend that way also?'

As I watched him speak passionately about his new film, Beowulf & Grendel, I realized that his charm is like an infinite number (endless).

***** Tidbits *****

Phantom's Secret to His Vocals?
Gerard's powerful tenor convinced the producer/composer of POTO, Andrew Webber Lloyd. His vocal style similar to that of a rock band singer has a history. When he was training to be a lawyer, he was in a hobby band called the Speed. "I like the ballads, but we did Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and I also liked screaming. LOL I wasn't a good singer."

Youngest is the Mama's Boy
His brief background.
"There are many aspects of this story (DF) that I could related to. I was so touched at the scene when I was introduced to Frankie as 'this is your dad.'" He still calls himself a mama's boy. "She is the most wonderful mother on the entire planet."

Love In His Life?
He's sexy enough to be rumored to be the next James Bond, but why no news of love? He has a base in London, has an apartment in NY, and often goes to LA. "I'm too busy to fall in love or develop a solid relationship." He explains. "But I have many female friends. Closer ones are my former girlfriends. They get mad at me when we break up, but after a while, become great friends. I may have been a playboy when I was younger. Right after I thought that I met the woman I've been looking for, I'd be attracted to another one. I was immature. I've mellowed out now, but I also like being on my own, and it's not like I'm desperately looking for someone.'
He will be in the new film after another. He'll be in "Beowulf & Grendel" based on the medieval English epic, Beowulf, and will also play the title role in 'Burns' the Scottish poet Robert Burns in. Hold off on romance for a while?

Comical Gerry Likes to Entertain Others!
Unlike his serious and artistic images on screen (of POTO), he likes to please. He appeared on the TV talk shows one after another in the US to promote DF, and talked up a storm! Also appeared wearing a kilt and swang his sword around at an event in NY. At the POTO press conference in Japan, he impressed the press with the wittiest answers. While he was visiting Japan in January, he saw many people wearing the mask to prevent spreading the flu/cold, and wanted to wear one himself. He wore the mask when he walked around in Asakusa with two local staff . When he bought a digital camera at Akihabara, he also bought one for the staff who took care of his promo in Japan. He sure is a NICE guy.

Super Soccer Lover
Gerard trained to ride horses for a TV series Attila, and studied fencing and archery for "Timeline." His style is to pour himself into the role to develop it, He had been athletic all along, and the soccer had been "a big part of my life till I was about 22. I was always a member of the soccer team in school and played during the lunch or after school. I also belonged to a soccer club and played 2 games on Saturdays." About 15 years ago, he injured his back during a game in LA, and that injury still troubles him. Gerry, the soccer buff, was chosen to play the role of a goalie in GOTL. "I loved the fact that we beat the English team even though it was just a movie! That's a Scottish player's dream, though I was an American in this role."
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