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Article Date: July 5, 2005 | Publication: Production Weekly | Author: editors
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STATUS - Fall 2005 LOCATION - Italy - Serbia - United Kingdom

PRODUCER: Mark Damon - Massimo Pacilio DIRECTOR: Roland Joffe CAST

- Gerard Butler

A love triangle set around one of the most controversial literary scandals of all time, the relationship of Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare. Marlowe, scholar, poet, spy, free-thinker, occultist, secret lover, who by the age of 29 was the most famous playwright in England in the 1500's. His wit and genius, far ahead of his time, ended him in prison charged with heresy, atheism and treason and as history states, he was murdered in a bar after being set free on bail. Many believe he actually escaped to Italy and continued to secretly write brilliant plays, such as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and King Lear hiding behind the nom de plume, William Shakespeare.