Gerard Butler

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Article Date: July 7, 2005 | Publication: MovieStar (Japan) - August 2005 | Author: editors (thanks to Mikiko for the translation!)
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He is beautiful and mature. He certainly is one of those men who would grow old to be even more mature and beautiful.

Forever Enchanting Eyes... Revealing His Beauty and Intelligence

"Yes, I myself was frustrated with that kissing scene. LOL. When I saw the film at the Canne Festival, I myself was screaming at the screen saying,'what the hell are you doing? Hurry up and and give it to her!'

Those who discovered him by seeing him in POTO might slightly be shocked at what a cheerful a Scot he really is in person. His friendliness is overwhelming, and he continues on about the kissing scene in DF.

"In many movies these days, the lovers often quickly end up in bed. So the prudence (discretion) in this movie (DF) is rather precious and really touches your heart. I must confess that even I cried watching this film. The warm ovation from the audience at the end of the movie at Canne also moved me to tears as well."

His approach to dealing with Jack, the boy who played Frankie was also movingly deliberate.
"I tried not to communicate with him during the rehearsal because the distance between us two was critical when we first meet in the film. But after that, we played together a lot during the filming. All the other staff members spoiled him, so I had to discipline him like a father once in a while." This commonsense is what makes him a real mature man.

GB Japan Journal Highlight

5/29 - Gerry in a casual attire -- dark pair of jeans, khaki jacket, and white T-shirt-- flew into Narita Airport from LA, and was greeted by more than 2,000 mostly female fans screaming their welcome. Gerry was pleasantly surprised by the fans, but was frustrated that he could not take the time to greet them as he was rushed out of the airport for the security reasons.

5/30 -After being interviewed by the media all day, Gerry requested a visit to a Karaoke-bar, and took his staff along with him. Gerry is really into Karaoke, and would not let go of the microphone once it's in his hands. Starting with "My Way," he sang up a storm covering those tunes by Elton John and George Michael among others.

5/31 - As the Ambassador Courier of the Letter of Love, he attended the event at Akasaka Post Office, and greeted the fans who stood in the long line for hours in the bad stormy weather. When some of the staff member tried to rush the fans away, Gerry put his foot down and asked them 'not to handle them so roughly,' revealing his gentle, kind side. He extended this event by a few hours just so he could greet all of the 500 + fans who came from all over Japan. In the evening, he attended the premiere of the Batman Begins.

*During the interviews, he ordered some fruit bowls from the room service when he got hungry. During his stay in Tokyo, he enjoyed the Sukiyaki dinner at a restaurant in Nishi-Azabu, and the Shabu-shabu (Japanese meat fondue) dinner at Zakuro.

*After he finished all his work on 6/1, he originally planned to stay in Japan only over the weekend, but decided to extend his stay for a whole entire week, and visited Nikko, Kamakura, and Kyoto to enjoy his vacation. Since this portion of the trip was his private vacation, he paid his own way. The Japanese movie distributor Wisepolicy, who arranged his return flight, received a call from Gerry almost every day asking them to extend his stay another day.