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Interview At Ischia

Category: Interviews
Article Date: August 17, 2005 | Publication: Scarica IL Video | Author: Interviewer

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Speaker: Summer, a time for new things but also, an ideal time to review and to analyse one production among the most beautiful productions of the year. The one Iím referring to is The Phantom of the Opera, the most expensive independent production of all times. A film directed by the American Joel Schumacher, loosely based on Sir Andrew Lloyd Webberís opera, which is an absolute monetary success among musicals, and staring the Scottish actor Gerard Butler on the big screen, who for thousands of fans is simply Gerry. And now enjoy a bit more from The Phantom of the Opera by Schumacher and later we will meet itís protagonist.

GB: I mean, the Phantom was just, everything about it was huge, very sweeping and fantastical. It was an incredible experience for me to work on it, and a wonder Iíll never forget. But I think when you come across a movie like Dear Frankie, everything you do is almost at the opposite end of the Phantom and itís small, itís human, it talks about the subtleties, the emotions and human feelings and itís about a different kind of love, love within the family, what would you do for those you love, and also about the different opinions that there are regarding love. And then it has a say about the relationship father-son, mother-son, so I think Dear Frankie is a more gentle, sweet, human movie and thatís what people really care about. Itís a very universal, universal thing. Itís been seen, watched by audiences all over the world and you know even audiences that couldnít understand what was being said but who could understand and feel the emotions of the movie and the story.

Interviewer: and.....

Gerry: what? What? What? I know this is a difficult questionÖ

Interviewer: we talked about seductionÖ. We have said that in the past Gerry was a ďheartbreakerĒ, howís the situation at this moment?

Gerry: Iím not a heartbreaker, Iím just me, Iím a big puppy dog. I find that question difficult, what am I supposed to say to that? No, Iím not. I donít see myself as a heartbreaker, I see myself as just Gerry, yeahÖ

Interviewer: how many girlfriends do you have at this moment?

Gerry: I donít talk about my personal life, specially not with you!

Interviewer: when you are around, thereís no girl left for the rest of usÖ. Itís not fair! Itís not right!

Gerry: Itís, itísÖÖcome on!

Interviewer: unfortunately we noticed that! Listen Gerry, how do you live this life being chased, truly one of the stars that is most love among the international female audience.

Gerry: I find myself in a strange position: a lot of people know me and have seen my work but they donít recognize me that much on the street because I tend to change for the movies. But, for example, if it is an event in which it is known when I am arriving, yes, people do approach me, but if Iím walking down the street they donít actually bother me, which is great for me. I like to go out, I like to see my friends, but Iím quite a calm person. When Iím not attending a festival like this one, I like to do things on my own without going nuts.

Speaker: the freedom to walk about without having to endure the loving assault of his fans, is a privilege that Gerry Butler still possesses. After the experience at the Ischia Global Fest, he is calmly spending these days between Pompei and Naples, an advantage that Tom Cruise certainly canít enjoy, the number 1 star of the international cinema, who these days lives surrounded by an army of bodyguards while he parades himself on a boatÖ.]Click here for the video interview on Gerry's Corner - Italian Site

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