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Article Date: January 28, 2004 | Publication: The Scotsman | Author: Simon Pia

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TO BEAT the Arctic chill, Stobo Castle has kindly sent the Diary some thermal underwear - or rather, a cashmere thong. It is but a thank-you for the Diary's efforts in revealing it was the "in-thong" for fashionistas during the MTV awards, which led to a rush in demand from across the pond. We are pleased to see the same treat awaits Gerry Butler (above), the latest Scottish actor to break through in Hollywood. He bid GBP 5,000 for a weekend at Stobo Castle in the auction at Ewan McGregor's charity Burns Supper in London on Sunday. Gerry will be staying in the Cashmere Suite, which comes complete with a complimentary pair of the woolly undies.

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