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Your Favorite Actors/Actresses Announced!

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Article Date: September 2, 2005 | Publication: The CanMagazine (So. California) | Author: Ryan Parsons

Posted by: admin

Wow! Upon writing the article 'Who is Your Favorite Actor or Actress' I had figured that at best we'd probably get about twenty readers that would take the time to write in and give us there thoughts. However, my email box continues to fill with suggestions through out the day, with numbers going up to just short of eighty. Not too bad if I may say so myself. So, lets see the top ten actors/actresses that you guys, or should I say ladies, chose. Remember, these are names that have NOT already been listed in our database, but will be inserted [over the next few weeks] in the order of the popularity.

The Readers Top 10

Here is the top ten suggested names that we received in our email through out the day. We will begin at the bottom and work our way to the top. However, just cause a name is at the bottom does not mean that the person is low on any list, just the bottom of the top ten suggested names. Popularity has been decided by how many times each name was requested. Check 'em out:

* 10. Hugo Weaving- Can be cool as crazy program and as king elf. We like this one.
* 9. Ioan Gruffudd- The common email said 'he so hot.' Uh, Ok, he is number nine.
* 8. Edward Norton- With stellar roles in Primal Fear and Fight Club... no doubt.
* 7. Eric Bana- Black Hawk Down, The Hulk, Troy and now Munich.
* 6. Benicio del Toro- Agreed... would love to see him in another Snatch-like role.
* 5. Hugh Jackman- Wow, didn't see this one coming... but not disappointed.
* 4. Colin Ferrell- Think the all the ladies just have a big crush on the bad boy.
* 3. Orlando Bloom- I thought his role as Paris in Troy and Balian in Kingdom may have hurt him... guess not.
* 2. Gerard Butler- If you told me he'd be in the top 5 I would have laughed. Now I got to put a sock in it.
* 1. Viggo Mortensen- This guy one in a landslide. Everybody wants Viggo, making me think there is some hidden Viggo society somewhere. Not only did people ask for him, but also wrote extended emails telling why he is such a great person in general. I loved him in Young Guns 2, GI Jane, Crimson Tide and Lord of the Rings... and I still can't compete.

Before you ask, let me just point out an obvious fact here- the top 10 is composed strictly of male actors. Why you ask? Well that is a damn good question. I have always thought that a good portion of readers to CanMag.Com were male, but now am thinking a bit differently. About seventy of the eighty letters were from females, telling me how good or 'hot' one of the male actors above were. Talk about a turn of the page! However, here is a list below of some of the runner-ups:

Michelle Pfeifer, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Eliza Dusku, Meryl Streep, Glen Close, Kate Winslet, Bonnie Hunt, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Meg Ryan, Gael Garcia Bernal, Vin Diesel, Sylvester Stallone, Billy Boyd, Rutger Hauer and Mel Gibson.

That's it.. expect these names to appear inside our database shortly. However, I am currently working on Nicolas Cage, Monica Bellucci and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Is that OK?

Stay tuned for updates.


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