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Gerard Butler vs. Viggo Mortensen

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: September 6, 2005 | Publication: CanMag.Com (So. California) | Author: Ryan Parsons

Posted by: admin

After posting the article 'Your Favorite Actors/Actresses Announced' we had a response that was monumental. Featuring so many fan emails that are box couldn't take anymore, the debate between who the top actor is, Gerard Butler or Viggo Mortensen, couldn't be more fierce.

Having experienced the fans from both sides of the line, I have decided to leave my uneducated [in this matter] opinion out of this debate and allow the votes from the fans decide who is a better actor. Though I received more emails supporting Gerard Butler, I had received longer and more dedicated emails from the Viggo Mortensen fans.

So, this is it, vote on who you think the up and coming top actor is. You can vote as much as you want... just don't take down the server.

I would normally finish with a conclusion on who I thought was the better option but you fans are way too scary to try to pull any stunt like that.

Let the voting begin!

GB.Net Note: We are told that while the poll is perpetual, the winner will be announced on Friday.


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